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R&D Pipeline
R&D Pipeline
Co-development R&D
  • Antibody drugs (RY103 [NS101])
    Antibody drugs (RY103 [NS101])
    - Other degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimer's
    - Co-development & exclusive right of domestic sales and distribution
  • AAV vector-based gene therapy (RY104 [NG101])
    AAV vector-based gene therapy (RY104 [NG101])
    - Acute neurological disease and neurodegenerative disease, etc.
    - Co-development & exclusive right of worldwide production and distribution on NG101’s drug substance(DS) and drug product(DP).
  • Gene therapy platform technology
    Gene therapy platform technology
    - Gene transfer and increased expression in vivo
    - Co-development of ElectroPorator
    Gene therapy platform technology
    - Patented technology for gene transfer and increased expression in vivo
    - Development and production of normal human cell lines for biopharmaceutical research/production
  • Gene therapy drugs (GB102)
    Gene therapy drugs (GB102)
    - Chronic renal failure and ischemic heart disease
  • PDRN
    - Tissue regeneration (95% similar to human DNA)/PDRN-based specialty drug development and commercialization
  • Natural medicine, health functional food
    Natural medicine, health functional food
    - Promoting new development through strategic cooperation between REYON Pharmaceutical, FINZELBERG, and G&P for various indications
  • Antifungal Drug (RY108)
    Antifungal Drug (RY108)
    - Technical transfer of a patented technology of antifungal agent ‘iN-EYD’ of the new mechanism of action
  • pDNA-based cancer vaccine (RY109)
    pDNA-based cancer vaccine (RY109)
    - Co-development of pDNA-based cancer vaccine for ovarian cancer
  • NK Cell Therapy (RY110 [TB-100])
    NK Cell Therapy (RY110 [TB-100])
    - Co-development of iPSC-derived NK Cell therapy for solid tumor
    - Supply of pDNA Drug Substance for producing NK Cell Therapy