About Us
A Company that Pursues the Principles of Health and Life
Primary Identifier

The primary identifier of REYON Pharmaceutical was designed to be a futuristic wordmark. The transparent and open letter 'R' means 'endless R', which symbolizes never-ending Research, Recovery of health, and a Relationship with the world.

  • Research
  • Recovery
  • Relationship

The logo type combination is carefully crafted considering harmony with the primary, so the logo type should not be enlarged or transformed and should be used as it is.

Color Palette

Exclusive colors can be used for various visuals. All productions are judged based on pantone colors. REYON Blue symbolizes professionalism and trust as a company that investigates the principles of life. It is mainly used as a primary and for point backgrounds to convey the presence of the brand.


Pantone. 2117C

Process Color. C84M76

RGB Color. R69 G85 B165

  • REYON Black

    Pantone. Black C

    Process Color. K100

    RGB Color. R0 G0 B0

  • REYON Light Blue

    Pantone. 2706 C

    Process Color. C12M8

    RGB Color. R219 G225 B242

  • REYON Gold

    Pantone. 8005 C

  • REYON Silver

    Pantone. 877 C

Color Version

There are various examples that can be used for primary and secondary colors and special printing. Color is an important factor that directly affects REYON Pharmaceutical's brand image, so please read and follow the guidelines below.

  • reyon
    REYON Blue / White
  • reyon
    REYON Blue / Silver Leaf
  • reyon
    REYON Blue / Embossed
  • reyon
    REYON Blue / Engraved
  • reyon
    REYON Black / White
  • reyon
    REYON Black / Silver Leaf