Pioneer REYON, Opening a New Paradigm
R&D fields

We conduct R&D on entire process of new drug development, namely, “Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Finished pharmaceutical products, platform(DDS)”. We are also pursuing the challenge of developing innovative new drugs through the fusion of bio and chemical substances.

  • 원료의약품
    Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
    Development of high value-added drug substances such as antibiotics (MRSA) and antiviral drugs
  • 합성 신약
    Synthetic new drugs
    Research on maximization of drug efficacy through development of new drug substances based on organic synthesis technology and drug combinations
  • 조영제
    Contrast agents
    Development of a new x-ray contrast agents
  • 유전자 치료제
    Gene therapy drugs
    Development of pDNA/mRNA/AAV, Lenti-based therapeutics for the treatment of rare, chronic, and intractable diseases
  • 세포 치료제
    Cell therapy
    Development of customized therapeutics for treatment of rare and intractable diseases Development of NK cell therapy targeted for solid tumors
  • 유전자 치료제 플랫폼
    Gene therapy platform/DDS

    Development of a safe and effective platform including viral vector for delivering gene therapy

    Drug Delivery System
    (ElectroPorator, Formulation, etc)

  • 항체 치료제
    Antibody therapy
    Development of therapeutic agents with minimal side effects by acting specifically on the target
Natural Products
  • 천연물의약품/건강기능식품
    Natural medicine/health functional food
    Natural new drug development and mass production research, and health functional food research