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REYON Pharmaceutical, Super antibiotics Teicoplanin and Arbekacin sulfate are under pre-clinical trial begun for Covid-19

In addition to REYON Pharmaceutical (representative directors Sunok Jeong and Yonghwan Yoo) acquiring COVID-19 drug candidate in the late last year, Teicoplanin and Arbekacin sulfate are also added for COVID-19 treatment for pre-clinical trial testing which will start in October 6th. 


REYON Pharmaceutical is focused on the fact that ‘Teicoplanin’, a superbacterial antibiotic, its patent for use was registered in 2016 as a treatment for MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome), and that Corona 19 (COVID-19) is a virus of the same family. And REYON is under pre-clinical trial due to similar effects for COVID-19. Meanwhile, Arbekacin sulfate which falls into the same category in “super bacteria antibiotics” and has higher stability & safety, will also be in pre-clinical trials soon. 


Along with the drug candidates that require long time for clinical trials, REYON is now able to field Teicoplanin and Arbekacin sulfate in much faster rate in clinical trials for COVID-19.


In addition, REYON Pharmaceutical is talking with an existing partner in India to conduct local clinical trials of Teicoplanin and Arbekacin sulfate at the same time.


Teicoplanin and Arbekacin sulfate antibiotics are used for treating skin infection, soft tissue infection, urinary infection, and pneumonia.


After establishment of REYON in 1964, REYON was able to commercialize 40 active pharmaceutical ingredients based on its own fermentation techniques, synthesis skills, and purification technology.  REYON also was succeeded in obtaining fermentation and purification methods of Teicoplanin. Arbekacin sulfate was successfully synthesized using synthesis and fermentation methods in the same year as Teicoplanin, and REYON is the sole vendor for trading Arbekacin sulfate with Japan and India. 


Interests in Teicoplanin is skyrocketing due to its effects on COVID-19 which is reported in International Journal of Biological Macromolecules by Indian Institute of Technology.